Membership Types

Active Status
Shall be those persons who actively engage in all rescue services and activities

Under 18 Status
Shall be those persons who have not obtained the age of 18. Separate written guidelines with regard to pulling duty, fundraisers, and other duties of membership shall be established within the Standard Operational Procedures of the corporation.

Honorary Membership
Shall be those members who have made unusual or outstanding contributions of time, talent, or tangible assets for the good of the corporation and who because of health, incapacitation, or other reasons are no longer able to serve as Active members

Associate Membership
Shall be those persons who have donated their special skills and who are expected to continue interest in the corporation but do not qualify as Active members.

Support Group Members
Shall be those persons who are not engaged in the operational side of Strasburg Volunteer Rescue Squad but assist with fundraisers and/or projects that come before the squad for approval.

Operational Support Members
Shall be those persons who are willing to donate their special skills (driving, provision of pre-hospital care, and/or training). They must be compliant with the requirements of the Virginia Office of EMS Rules and Regulations, Protocols of the Lord Fairfax EMS Council and Standard Operating Procedures of the corporation at all times

Life Members
Shall be those members who have actively served a minimum of 15 years service in SVRS and request a Life Member Status